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Terms & Conditions

I understand that riding is a risk sport and participation may hold potential danger and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. I understand that I must obey the instructions given or the instructor or ride escort.

Gift Vouchers

I understand that there are two types of gift vouchers.

Shop gift vouchers can be purchased on-line and are for use in the on-line shop only.

They cannot be redeemed against a booking.


Bookings gift vouchers are for use with bookings only.  Please ask a staff member in order to purchase from the office.


I understand that if I need to cancel or change a lesson it’s 100% nonrefundable policy You will be charged the full lesson cost. Cancelations can only be made directly with the office not an instructor and/or call / text 0857673468. Anyone using the gift voucher of gift card Must have gift voucher with them. Gift card will not be excepted otherwise.

Yard rights

We reserve the right to refuse any member who we feel is either unsafe or unsuitable. A decision will be made by the management.

The DPEC reserves the right without notice to change the assigned riding instructor in case of sickness, annual leave, absenteeism, and/other unforeseen circumstance.

Any information provided on your application albeit for membership /Livery that is deemed false or inaccurate will be recorded and we will request a new client registration form to update our records.

Medical information

You must advise you have existing medical conditions that may affect your safety with us – with holding any information may affect how we handle any incident incurring injury that may require emergency attention.

Health & Safety

Riding is recognized as a high risk sport so it is thoroughly recommended that you take out your own personnel accident insurance. Although we have taken every precaution we can to minimize the associated risks horses are still unpredictable animals so please take care and accept that accidents do happen!

Do not enter into any stable without assistance from an instructor.

AS Club Members & Liveries your families are always very welcome to help around the yard in any way But please ensure you have permission and have been properly guided by a member of


Our Riding Instructor Team before doing so, to help out at the yard is voluntary so please do so at your own risk and do not hold the riding center or its employees responsible for accidental damage or injury.

It is recommended that you have adequate personnel accident insurance. Please ensure you check with your insurers carefully as the cover as riding accidents are not covered by all insurers

For health and safety reasons we recommend that club members and liveries:

▪ Do not wear jewelry when riding or handling horses

▪ Long hair should be tied back

▪ Wear a correctly fitting hat with a securely fastened chinstrap – to the current standards

▪ Wear gloves

▪ Jodhpurs or stretchy fitted trousers

▪ Footwear should be long riding boots or Jodhpur boots – if not yet purchased then

boots or shoes with a flat sole and a small block heel. (not wellington boots)

▪ We also suggest that body protectors are worn, you must provide your own body

protector to the correct standard (compulsory for cross country). Thank you for your co-operation.

I acknowledge that RIDING IS A RISK SPORT AND HOLDS A POTENTIAL DANGER and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions.

I have read and understood the above statement and accept the risks associated with riding horses and helping /working on the yard I agree to be responsible to the manager & team at the riding center and will abide at all times by his/her rules.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge all of the above details are correct.

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