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Tea Tree Shampoo and Lotion

Tea Tree Shampoo and Lotion



• The Tea Tree Shampoo is the healthy ingredients of tea-tree oil are directly transmitted to the coat skin and hair during washing.

• The Shampoo soothes itching and reduces the inclination to scratch.

• It also has a sebum regulating effect and protects from blocked pores especially in the saddle area.

• Skin and hair receive optimal nourishment and a brilliant silky shine.

• A long-lasting fragrance doubles as a fly repellent


• The Tea Tree Grooming Lotion cares for irritated and stressed skin.

• Moisturising lotion contains tea tree oil penetrates thoroughly cooling irritated skin, reducing redness and scratching.

• It soothes summer itching by permeating deeply into the skin where it unfolds it soothing and regenerating effect.

• Due to the reduced desire to rub its mane and tail the horse can relax and recover.

• The hair's growth is activated and the skin's natural protective film strengthened


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