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Mackey Classic Fulmer Loops

Mackey Classic Fulmer Loops



• Holds the cheeks of a fulmer bit in the correct position.Fulmer loops are a double ended loop of leather, used to secure fulmer and full cheek snaffles against the cheek piece of the horses bridle.

• A fulmer or full cheek should ideally be used with fulmer loops as the long cheeks may catch or get caught up and frighten the horse.

• The fulmer loops also work to allow the full cheek bit to exert a little poll pressure which can be desirable on some horseFulmer loops feature:

•  Pair of leather loops, stitched at their midpoint to hold the cheeks of the bit safely in place

• Larger hole fits the cheekpiece, smaller one fits over the top of the cheek of the fulmer or full cheek snaffle

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