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Rug Rack

Rug Rack

PriceFrom €124.00


3 Arm Rug Rack

• 3 Arm Rug Rack folds flat against the wall when not in use.

• Made from strong tubular constuction with 2 wall brackets.

• This popular swivelling design provides easy storage of rugs and blankets.

• This is a stong and long lasting.

• Height 74cm, Width 5cm, Projection 94cm, Weight 6.08kg


5 Arm Rug Rack

• The ultimate rug rack with five swivelling arms mounted on two Stubbyfine coated wall brackets.

• A small knob on the upper side of wach arm deters rugs from sliding off as selection takes place.

• Height: 93cm, Width: 35cm, Projection: 80cm, Weight: 11.7kg

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