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Oakwood Shampoos & Conditioner

Oakwood Shampoos & Conditioner




Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

• A cleansing shampoo that helps maintain a fresh, shiny coat without drying out skin or hair. Formulated with Australian tea tree, eucalptus and citronella oils. Suitable for pets with all skin and coat types.  • Deep nourishing coat shampoo » Fresh natural essential oil after wash fragrance.  • Soap free and pH balanced formula.  • Concentrated formulation for added value


Oatmeal & Aloe Vera

•A gentle, soap free shampoo that moisturises the coat to promote a healthy clean wash. • Formulated to neutral pH balanced levels to improve coat healthiness, longterm performance and shine. • Provides a long-lasting subtle after fragrance to your pet's coat along with a professional shiny and sily finish. • Ideal for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens


Coat Conditioner

• An after-wash coat conditioner to nourish dry, sensitive coats, providing a tangle-free, shiny finish. •Massage coat conditioner into the coat. •Allow to stand for 2 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly with water. » Use after a wash to remove stubborn knots and tangles. • Nourishes and conditions coat after shampooing. » Leaves coat silky smooth. • Fresh Aloe Vera fragrance. •Concentrate formulation for added value

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